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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2005|01:22 am]
Netflix Friends

i'm making the first official entry of the community.

i'm very excited, but we need more people to join,
because david and i are already netflix friends
and it would be stupid to have a community
dedicated to gaining more friends, when we're already friends.


so maybe we should have some type of different introduction post deal.
something netflixy?

hm... let me think of something.

okay. okay okay. i got it.
1. what is your name and age? nichole, 19
2. how long have you been a netflix member? just a month or a little over a month now
3. what was the first movie you rented off of netflix? the world according to garp
4. what was the last movie you rented off of netflix? ikiru
5. list the next five movies in your queue 1) alphaville, 2)the testament of dr.mabuse, 3) the seventh seal, 4) i stand alone, 5) mean creek

i can't think of any more questions to ask. if there are any more good introduction questions to be answered, feel free to ask them and i'll add them onto this list.
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